The 1000 Norms Project is up and running!

The 1000 Norms Project is underway and causing a buzz in popular media. Researchers from the University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Sciences will build a human database to scientifically measure and classify what is ‘normal’ across the population.

The landmark project will catalogue human variation among healthy Australians between the ages three to 100-years-old to help clinicians better diagnose disease, direct treatment and evaluate patient progress. The resultant database will be used to help those with neuromuscular disorders to assist in the diagnosis of what is normal healthy human variation. It may also be used to evaluate treatments for neuromuscular disorders, providing a benchmark of normal musculoskeletal function.

The 1000 Norms Project has been causing a recent stir in the media, appearing in The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, Adelaide Advertiser, Courier Mail, Canberra Times, Newcastle Herald, Ninemsn, SBS, Launceston Examiner, AAP Newswire, Local Today, and Barrier Truth Daily. 1000 Norms has also appeared on popular news programs on Channel 10 Sydney and ABC 981 Adelaide and has been widely advertised on the radio.

The researchers are still seeking healthy volunteers between the ages of three and 100 years old to visit the University of Sydney Performance Lab in Lidcombe to influence global healthcare and help those with neuromuscular disorders.

To participate in the project please contact Marnee and Jennifer at:




The project is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia Centre for Research Excellence in Neuromuscular Disorders and Australian Podiatry Education and Research Foundation.

1000 Norms Project featured on Channel 10 News, Sydney