The ANN has established a Clinical Care Network so that all child and adult clinicians and allied health professionals with a specific interest in muscle and nerve disorders have ready access to potentially useful information.

The focus of the Clinical Care Network will be to provide:

  • Ready access to Standards of Care and data collection proformas for patient management and diagnosis
  • A unified approach to ethical approvals and consent
  • Improved communication to discuss patients
  • Notification of opportunities to participate in registries, research studies and clinical trials.
  • Opportunity for Special Interest Groups to develop in specific areas  – e.g. diagnosis of neuropathies, adult neuromuscular disorders, allied health network.
  • Opportunities to provide integrated training programs for clinicians and researchers
  • Assistance to centres to set up multidisciplinary services

The ANN is a partner of TREAT-NMD, a European network focussed on advancing assessment and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, and is closely affiliated with US consortia. This will allows us to participate in and gain from the global effort – increasing number of diagnostic tests, new therapies and opportunities to improve patient outcomes through access to clinical trials